Day 11 - Ueno Zoo & Swan Boat Riding

Thursday, April 13, 2017

started our day by eating at a random resto 🍴

Went back to Ueno and made us appreciate Sakura even more knowing that this season only lasts for days then this would happen.. :( 


Not really a fan of zoos but ranking all the zoos I've been to, this one would be on top.

saw alot of animals that I haven't seen before! 

for today, I was his 'tol' lol 

first time to see a flamingo!! and my first time to see them sleep 😂 also my first time to see a Kangaroo (upper left pic)!!

hatest part of zoos - tiny furry animals 😷 fine w holding a snake, cockroach, spider, etc just don't show me a rabbit, rat or anything tiny and furry 😭😭

another first! seeing a hippo (in diff sizes) out of water


✔ swan boat riding with a sakura view (w Kenny 💟)


ended our day w a bowl of ramen 💆

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