Day 12 - Shinjuku, Asakusa, Shibuya

Friday, April 14, 2017


Today was supposed to be a looong day but early in the morning, I was thinking of where to bring Ken for his 'Japan Finale' 😂 then I found out about Fujikyu Highland with world record attractions! Did our research while we were on our way to Asakusa.. it was somehow discouraging to know that Google map can't give a route going there and we found out that their Q-pack (ticket + bus package) was sold out. but the persevering-never-giving-up Angela in me wanted to make this work. I wanted my visitor to be happy and I know that he was fascinated about the rides in Fujikyu highland. so we went to Shinjuku where the bus station for the Q-pack was.

Found out our options: (1) Bus package - sold out, (2) Train package - earliest time was around 8:10 arriving there at 10:30. Based from our research, lines would be 3 hrs long by 9:30 and I'm betting we would only ride around 3-4 attractions arriving by that time. (3) Train - tedious for us. but is possible and I can make a plan for this. All I need it the train's schedule and we have to be very punctual tom. So all planning will happen tonight! will be making a separate blog post on how to prepare (cram actually) for a trip to Fujikyu Highland given that you only have one night to plan.

For today, I took Ken to the famous Asakusa and Shibuya!



Went home early to plan for our trip tom 💪

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