Travel Tips: Fuji-Q Highland (+ only one night of preparation for tickets & train)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Access (+ one night prep for tickets & train)

It was my third time at Japan already and it was only by that time I knew about Fuji-Q highland. I was searching online on Japan's top amusement part and on 4th one is Fuji-Q highland (Tokyo Disneysea, Tokyo Disneyland & Universal Studios on top 3). Unfortunately, it was our second to the last day that we knew of it and we were on our way to another tourist attraction that time which leads us only on planning for a night.

There are two ways by which you can get to Fuji-Q highland: by bus or by train. (1) Availing of the Q-Pack (7,800 yen) is the most convenient option. This package already includes your park ticket & ride getting there. (2) Next is another package from Shinjuku Station by train. The problem here is your arrival at the park would be around 10:15am which is pretty late already. Based on forums, we found out that by 9:30, a ride would have a wait time already of 3 hours. 

(3) Manually by train. This was our only option. The night before, we planned our trip using Japan Transit Planner & Google Map. From Japan Transit Planner, the info you can get from there is the train's schedule & stations where you will be changing to get to your destination. We only used Google Map to recheck it and take note of what platform number the line we would change to & the stations we would pass by to check if on our way, we were riding the right train. I'll give you an example of how I did it.

I placed the schedule of the next trains in case we missed one. You could use this format too if you want. This was very helpful :)

I got this one from Shinjuku Station. If you're somewhere near Shinjuku, you can use this one instead :)

For the tickets, they also sell it in the park :)


1. Before everything, check the weather. This is very important. What not: rainy days &/or strong winds. Most of their rides will be closed during these days. Your ticket would be wasted if you'd still continue. Timing is key.

2. Be early. Arrive before the park opens (9am) if you want to make the most out of your ticket :)

3. Buy FastPass. Once the park opens, do not line up for the rides. Go directly to the booth that sells FastPass. It's better to wait in line for 30 mins for this ticket than 3 hours for each of the top rides. Each costs 1,000 yen for each ride. Go for the big 4: Takabisha, Eejanaika, Fujiyama & Dodonpa.

4. Have fun & go with someone you want to share the moment with! 💓💓

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