Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan

Monday, January 12, 2015

If you're looking for an ultimate adventure, Hundred Islands is the right place for you! :D 

If you knew our family well, you'd know that the beach is our regular go to. Just last month (or last year I should say) we spent our time on a beach somewhere, and last week, came forth another adventure!

We arrived at Hundred Islands on a Saturday afternoon. I wanted to spend our night camping on one of the islands, but because of convenience (since we had a child with us), we searched another place to stay for the night.

Sunday 7 am in the morning, our journey began!

Here's a short gif as we went closer to the islands.

It's really beautiful how everything was made. I am in awe. ❤ 

First up, Governor's Island!

Governor's Island

My dad being all natural when it comes to modelling :))

huhu killer view :(((

And I present to you, Marian Rivera! hahahaha (referring to my mom in the pictures above :)))

Who do you think took the better shot? ;)

Well you see, I think modelling runs in the family. hahahaha jk so here's our beautiful experience on their zip line!!

Here's a video captured by my sissy ❤ (best viewed in 720p Hd)

It was a beautiful experience ❤ 

that "Doming Zu" tho hahahaha

Romulo Island

Yes, my bro's a swimmer. I being his coach. ❤ 

Crocodile Island
(not really sure if this was the one our guide was referring to)

Turtle Island

Dinosaur Island 

Hahaha kidding, my ate made it up :))

Snorkeling Site with the Giant Clams

Bat Island

Were you able to see the bats? :D

Children's Island

Too bad this was the only photo we had on Children's Island - thanks to our mom. We were too busy snorkeling from afar. I highly recommend you to visit their snorkeling site here!! Everything was just beautiful! Coral reefs ranging from a variety of colors and structures! Even the fishes were diverse!! 

Marcos Island

On our way to Imelda Cave!

Cliff diving!! Not everyone who went down jumped! hahaha based on my approximations, the cliff's height was about a two-story building! Do you think I jumped? :))

Of course I wouldn't miss this! I even did it twice! hahahaha

Cuenco Island

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos from our other island hops and activities since my hands were wet most of the time (swimming) despite the heat burning my skin - sorry mr. sunny, but I just don't care if you burn me the whole day :P

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