Angela Escobia (Princess Ela) has always been fond of trying new things. Her thirst for extraordinary adventures drives her into dreaming big a little bit more each day. She is a kid who enjoys everything she does, and once she gets passionate about it, she does her best to excel in it.

Her love for music led her in studying different instruments. Graduating from a Multiple Intelligence elementary school, she started playing the piano and violin when she was 9 years old; and during her teenage years, she learned more of the other instruments through self studying and with the help of her friends. Up until now, she still continues to play instruments by request, or by the need of expressing herself.

Angela not only plays musical instruments, she plays sports too. She was a swimmer in her elementary days, and in high school, shifted her interest in badminton.

 Aside from her interests in sports and music, her love for fashion does not subside. Matching the right pieces and adding a little bit of pixie dust is one of the best ways she finely expresses herself.