Day 24 - Universal Studios (Day 3)

Thursday, January 5, 2017 (US Time)

✔ Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

For our 3rd day, we went straight to the Forbidden Journey! Was only expecting it would somehow just be like Transformers but wooooow! This was different! Best ride from all Theme Parks I went to! 😱😱 here are some pictures taken while in line

cool high ceiling rooms with paintings that move! (just like in hp)

ofc we'd try the famous butterbeer! tried both the frozen and the cold one!

✔ Studio Tour (2nd time)

Tried this ride again hoping we could experience their grand finale of Fast & Furious! 


hopes up..

.. we were able to get in.. but they still had technical difficulties 😪

✔ Despicable Me Minion Mayhem (2nd time)

JB's 2nd fave after HP haha

✔ From Coraline to Kubo Exhibit

stop-motion animation movies exhibit 🏆 so much effort for movies like this! imagine, one of the four featured took 10 yrs to finish!! 😵😵

"it would take 7-14 days to finish 3 seconds" 

✔ Studio Tour (3rd time)

Now I sat at the other end haha thus, a different view!

aaaand we finally get to exp Fast & Furious!!

Back to HP's world to ride the roller coaster & repeat The Forbidden Journey for our finale ride! lol

✔ Flight of the Hippogriff

✔ Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (2nd time)

best ride ever!

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