Creamy Strawberry

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sorry, but I just can't think of a decent title because of food in my mind; the colors are just yummy! ♥ 
It's been along time since we went to Luneta. The last time I remembered visiting this place was when I was 8 or something? Actually, I don't remember the place itself, just remembered my parents telling us that we were heading to this place.

There were a lot of people when we got there; just roaming around, not chilling. haha My dad showed me his school in college, Adamson University. I loved how gothic their buildings were. It was somehow related to Italian or French infrastructures. We were planning on going inside to see more of their buildings; unfortunately, their offices were closed. The pictures aren't that professional; just used my phone's camera on this, and the space wasn't that generous haha

Ohh I forgot! We went to Manila Zoo that same day too. You can view it here. I felt like I was an official photographer with my pictures. :bd
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