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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Congratulations I Know Write Manila for successfully organizing your second teen blogger meet-up! Thumbs up for another army of young bloggers committed to effective blogging!!

I Know Write Manila's (IKW MNL) event was held last May 29, 2014 at Kuppa Roastery and Cafe Bonifacio Global City. Oh wait, what is IKW MNL? I Know Write Manila is a community of teen bloggers who are so passionate about blogging that they can't help but reach out to others and produce bloggers who aren't just bloggers, rather effective bloggers.

The featured guest speakers of the event were Marla Miriano (Editor-in-chief of candy magazine), Reese Lansangan (Artist and designer), and Nina Pineda (Enterpreneur). All of them got me something to think about - inspiration, motivation, determination, and engaging with the community.

The venue, Kuppa Roastery and Cafe, itself was a great place to chill and talk with friends you haven't met. Oh and the pizza... I did follow the rules of eating 3 pizzas on the first round, but more pizzas were approaching and I just had  to take 3 more. Sorry! haha well if you're thinking that I didn't follow their rules, I still did; because as the pizzas were coming, they told us to get more. so I'm cool I guess. haha okay, so enough of the pizzas. I am glad to have attended this workshop. They taught me that blogging is not just posting things and imparting it to the public; not listening to every word others would say... you made your blog and its your choice what to post there; know that your blog defines who you are and there's nothing wrong with being different as long as you're real. Basically summed up all things I've learned in this sentence.

Let's go back to the yummy pizzas! haha the pizzas were finely made and a bite would give you a combination of tastes! What a delight!! Oh and there's more to pizzas!! I Know Write MNL's sponsors - Hodge Podge, The Perky Shop, Blo Blow Dry Bar, Fab and Femme, Band Feels Manila, Strings 88 Manila, Belle and Cat, GlutaMAX, VitaMAX-C, Nice Day Coffee, and Ysa Botanica - were that wonderful to give us tons of giveaways + raffle items. Splendid day. Thank you so much I Know Write Mnl!

I do hope that this won't be the last. I saw a lot of potential in this community. I know that someday, this community ... wait ... IKW isn't just simply a community, it's an army. An army of passionate bloggers with brilliant minds and young hearts, that will someday achieve something remarkable. Keep it up!

UPDATE: Second Blog Meetup

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I was supposed to make another blogpost for this but I decided to just added another set of photos from our second meetup! 

Location: Bellagio Tower 2 Bonifacio Global City Taguig

kim jones!! huhuhu

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