Japan Day 10 - Imperial Palace East Garden, Ginza, Tokyo Sky Tree

Saturday, August 22, 2015

So today's adventure was with my beautiful tita! Our main agenda was just Tokyo Sky Tree, but since I told my tita that it would be better to visit it during the night, we went first on a walk at the Imperial Palace East Garden and Ginza. Oh wait, before going out at around 1pm, I get to experience their grocery here! hahaha 

So in the morning, I went with my tita at a grocery store. hahaha I wanted to know if there was something different in their grocery store. 

Well, nothing much. Just that packing was a self service thing. Okay, so let's get on with our Day 10 travel! haha


So we were on our journey in finding the Imperial Palace!

My tita is not much of a walker so she easily gets tired. And during our walks, she kept telling me that we wouldn't find the Imperial Palace since tourists weren't allowed in that area. But I still believed we would find it! hahaha

Okay so I gave up. And I remembered that during our Day 6, my tita's friend toured us and drove in front of the Imperial Palace and stopped there for like 3 seconds just for me to take a photo of it and a guard on fast pace approached us based from his face, I think it would mean that it was a prohibited area for car stops since the Imperial Palace was where the Emperor of Japan and his family lived. 

So there, we went on for a little rest with this beautiful view and went on to Ginza.


Ginza - where everything was very expensive. HAHAHA

So from here, we went first on the Apple store, then some fashion stores, then went looking for a good place to eat.

My tita made me choose on what restaurant we should eat at. And during that time, I was in the mood for a tonkatsu set. 

I wanted to taste what a Tonkatsu set tasted like in Japan.

Dining on the 14th floor ♥

So basically it was just similar. Crunchy and tender at the same time. What I didn't understand was how expensive one set could cost. Like around 1,500 yen each.

Loved this! Except for the soup that comes with it haha

It was around 4 or 5pm already that time and so we went straight to Tokyo Sky Tree already.

I was very much excited as we near the observatory! I knew Tokyo would be twice as beautiful during the night! I really wanted my tita to go with me since by going by myself, I wouldn't be able to see Tokyo at night for I have a curfew, and another thing was I knew my tita would deserve a day out from all the work she's been doing. :D

Tickets at Tokyo Sky Tree was twice Tokyo Tower's. One ticket costs 2060 yen. :O

What I love about going to observatory places like these would be their elevators. It climbs about 1m per second, and the only thing you could feel is the ear discomfort due to the change in pressure. 

Remembered the time I fell inlove with Tokyo ♥ ♥

Atlast! The city lights! I was very blessed to see Tokyo change from day to night at a view like this. Lights from each building lit up one by one .. oh, Tokyo ♥ ♥

Beautiful city lights ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Can spend my whole night just by watching busy Tokyo at night.

below is my tita's first time to step on a glass floor :D

P.S. This is my natural hair and I don't curl it :P

Sumida river sky from Tembo shuttles ♥

bbye Tokyo City Lights :((

Hello Kitty!!!! 

Another day well spent with my tita :)

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