Paco Park, Manila

(Friday, April 1, 2016)

One Friday night, my roommate invited me to watch a recital at Paco Park. Aside from telling me all the performances they've watched already, they told me that the place was haunted since it was a cemetery :)) They told me that they would never go back to a section of the said park. Well, let's see about that HAHAHA

those semi-circle things are actually tombstones :)

For the love of music.. huhu I missed playing with my babies :( someday.. just not today.

Wouldn't miss free food of course! :)) ate a lot that time and my roommate was wondering why I was still hungry after how many plates when she only had one and was full already :))

We went to the place they said they had goosebumps. I ain't really afraid of those things. I believe in the power of God that can do great things! :D 

My roommate then brought me to their favorite ramenan :) ended our day laughing on the road since we were lost and we can't stop laughing coz we don't know which way to go home hahahaha

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