I'm now an RND!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Who would've thought that I would be an RND? 😱 

Ever since I was a child, my only dream was to be a doctor. I went to college to get into a pre-med course. I was open for any as long as it would help me on my medical school. Then I was led to Nutrition. I didn't even know that such course existed. I thought it would just be about the Food Pyramid and all the other nutri-guidelines.. but I was wrong. It goes from Nutritional Biochemistry.. Public Health Nutrition.. to Basic Foods & Foodservice.

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects when it comes to health. Media would always say healthy diet and exercise - this was just a phrase I would just respond to as yeah, yeah, I know but what does it really mean? A healthy diet vary from person to person - depending on one's lifestyle, disease condition, and many other factors. Though there are general guidelines for healthy individuals - food pyramid, food plate, NGFs... I don't know why but Nutrition in the Philippines is a field that the public aren't much aware of. Basta may kanin at ulam, okay na. It's not just about how much you ate, how many calories or serving size, it's also about healthy food choices. Ok been saying alot already 😂 Maybe my point is that before, I too wasn't aware of Nutrition and now that I've studied alot from it, I realized how important this field is. I can say so many things about it right now but I'll just end it with this - You are what you eat. And know that good nutrition could actually save you from a visit at the hospital :)
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