Day 13 - Fujikyu Highland

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hooray for we made it work!! Atlast, I get to see Mt Fuji!!! 

when the park opened, we literally ran to line up & buy fast passes! yip, we did our research & soon I'll be blogging about tips & tricks for Fujikyu Highland!

✔ Tentekomai

Isn't as bad as it looks. Here, you'll be riding a mini plane where you could play w your wings! If you're good enough, you could make a 360 turn with the right angle of your wings! 👼

✔ Tondemina

Ain't that intense. Didn't lose my breath.. tho I did enjoy the view that this ride gives! 

✔ Paniclock

This is the ride that I'm talking about!! Went full 360 a couple of times and would stop in the middle at times!! 

✔ Mad Mouse

Felt like a bump car! Sudden acceleration and stops.. mad mouse indeed 🐭

✔ Evangelion World

Evangelion is pretty much famous in Japan right now. Photo op!


✔ Fuji Airways

Another great exp! We explored Mt Fuji from it's different sides w wind & smell effects 😂 this was somehow like the Simpsons ride from US Hollywood

✔ Takabisha

"with the steepest drop in the world at 121°" great exp! but not to the point that I lost my breath :))

✔ Red Tower

better than EK's counterpart!!

✔ Eejenaika

"with the highest total number of spins in the world" .. my fave!! omg!!!!!! best ride ever! don't have any ride to compare this with :)))

✔ Cool Jappaan

time to get wet! felt like we went under a waterfall w that first and last HUGE SPLASH!!

poor baby :( 😂

✔ Nagashimasuka

3x better than rio grande!! :)) plus there was a whirl pool here 😵😵 kept laughing the whole time bc Ken's raincoat was all over his face 😂😂

✔ Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

"longest (900m) and scariest haunted house in history" a haunted hospital w/o duwag exits. one way only! hmm approached it a different way. Felt like we were just playing a game and we would guess/predict where people would scare us 😂😂 there was actually a time where someone was at my back trying to scare me again & again but I wasn't so I politely said, uhm, its ok its ok, im sorry but im not scared 😂😂 trick here is not to get scared on the first place and just think of the whole place w people behind it acting to scare you :P 

✔ Shining Flower (Ferris Wheel)

✔ A little ride in the clouds

since we've rode all available (open) must rides, we tried the other rides! we nearly rode everything in the park 😂

✔ Hide & Seek in the Woods

first time to exp biking like this!!

✔ Hamutaro's Gentle Ocean Ship

ended our day with this view 💕

green tea cookie!!!

got lost going back to the train station since we took the other park exit (just to buy souvenirs lol).. yet we kept on laughing & still had fun while getting lost 😂💗
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