Baguio Day 2

Sunday, December 22, 2013

As I have said in my previous post, I had a hard time taking shots because I was using the zoom lens. Hence, too close photos in less spaced places. We stayed at Summer Houses. Our place had 4 rooms in it. As much as I wanted to take photos of it, I can't because the zoom lens won't allow it. Although, I got some photos from downstairs.

This was actually our third and last day on Baguio. I labelled it to be our second day since we didn't have photos on our first day coz we just had our family time that day. Oh I forgot to mention that it was freezing here at night! So us going to Baguio for the weather was quite worth it.

Camp John Hay

We just went pass through Camp John Hay for we didn't know what places where available for tourists. So we just went to PMA where spent our whole time at.

Philippine Military Academy

As you have noticed, this wasn't the hat that I wore in my previous post. This was my sister's. And since she wasn't around, so I used it. hihi

PMA Museum

What I like the most about Baguio was its tall trees which reminds me of Twilight! lol sorry if you ain't a fan. 

Lion's Head

Aaaand our last destination that day was the Lion's head

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