Yabu, ATC

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I ain't actually a fan of Japanese cuisine; my taste buds just don't approve all those strong bursting flavors from a variety of ingredients. Oh, and anything raw is a no for me; it would seem to me that I'm actually eating something alive and moving. I don't like that feeling. Although I do know some who actually love those kind of Japanese food. The thing that draws my attention to Japanese food is how they fry their meat - referring to red and white meat. That I should say is a big thumbs up for me! 

Tonkatsu Set

Menchi Katsu Set

Their Menchi Katsu set is a must try!! Their meat was a great blend of pork and beef PLUS STUFFED CHEESE!! Oh and another thing! They get to maintain that tender stuffing even with a crunchy breading!

Try mixing your miso soup with your rice! It's a perfect combination for your meat!

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