Japan Day 1 - Haneda, Tokyo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I've always wanted to try travelling alone! It was a good thing that my parents allowed me to go on this trip; I was bursting with excitement when they told me that they’ve already bought the tickets and that I’ll be staying there for 2 weeks!! I immediately took my laptop and went searching for tourist attractions! And now, here I am, accomplished riding the airplane alone! #AchievementUnlocked HAHAHAHA

Huhu will always love this fluffy-cotton-ball-herd <3 hihi  

What a good way to embrace your upcoming destination .. by having an early taste of their cuisine  ♥

I super duper loved the taste of this!!

Yes, I did go to Japan alone – keep in mind tho that my family dropped me off at NAIA airport and that my mother’s sister fetched me up as soon as I arrived at Haneda airport HAHA thus, I was only alone at the airplane :)))) 

Day 1 = observation day

It wasn’t my first time at Japan, so it wasn’t new to me that they drive on the left. Though I didn’t remember the other little things that come about, since I was like 8 years old when I last visited Japan. As we were riding the bus, I noticed how clean and organized Japan was. I also noticed how difficult it was to drive in Japan. You can see from the fourth image above this paragraph that the car parking was very narrow. I couldn’t imagine myself parking a car on first try and not bumping the gate or the wall. And also, the roads on their villages were very narrow too. Though despite such roads, the drivers were very disciplined to not bump any barriers or cars despite roads that are of a very small width! 

I didn’t remember trains and tickets during my last stay at Japan. So I observed my tita as she bought the tickets – might be useful when I plan on travelling alone. I can still remember the station where she bought those tickets – it was from the busy station of Tachikawa. We went there on a rush hour and there were so many people walking really fast, some were even running just to catch the train. 

Before we went home, we had our dinner at Saizeriya. I noticed that they would start a meal with soup and salad, then the main dish then the dessert. 

You press that cute little thing to order or to call the attention of a staff.

I love their drinks!! It wasn’t too sweet nor too flavorful, just the right taste to call it a drink! Btw that’s my tita telling me to get my drink HAHAHA

My tummy was overly full that night -_____-
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