Japan Day 7 - Tokyo Disneyland

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Overflowing with joy from yesterday's Odaiba will be sustained by our trip to Disneyland!! My tita gave me the choice of whether to go to Disney Sea or Disneyland, but since I've already been to Disney Sea, I chose Disneyland. And it was because I want to see my castle here at Tokyo hihihihi

Tokyo Disneyland ❣

lol I remembered this photo being taken by my cousin. My tito was the one supposed to take the photo, but my cousin was like 'dame dame' and seeing the photo he took, he almost didn't include me in the photo HAHAHA so my cousin grabbed the camera and used her creative eye to get this shot ♥ 

My tita was the one who bought this outfit for me at Liz Lisa, Harajuku. She said if I wanted to wear matching outfit with my cousin at Disneyland - since matchy matchy was 'in' that time at Japan, and of course I'd say yes to clothes like this!! :))


Pirates of the Caribbean
Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions
Western River Railrod

It was sizzling hot when we went to Disneyland. The sun was literally burning my skin while we were on the line as we waited for the rides. 

took a video of the rides inside. might vlog it someday ... maybe :)))


Big Thunder Mountain

My tita was very kind that she let me and my cousin ride Big Thunder Mountain, while she was on another line to get a Fast Pass ticket for Splash Mountain (I believe that those with Fast Pass ticket was one of their best attractions - having a Fast Pass would mean going to the attraction's Fastpass entrance during the return time to minimize the wait - which would mean that these are the attractions with the longest lines!)

didn't know how to make the first bite with these cuties :((


Mickey's Philhar Magic
Haunted Mansion
It's a Small World

I love their costumes!! hihi

It was a good thing that I was with my relatives here, for they knew what the must-rides were. And that is quite critical since there were a lot of rides and one day is not enough to try them all.


Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Space Mountain

lol there were a lot of escape pods as the line went on hahaha my cousin told me this was the most extreme ride in Disneyland :))

The ride basically was in a space set-up. As far as I could remember, it was a roller coaster ride with accelerating speed and sudden stops; all of it happened in a big dome - the place was dark and there were tiny lights which would appear to be stars in the galaxy. 

me while waiting for the fooooood

This!!!! I wondered how they made this happen!

Of all the attractions, this was the only one that got me a little dizzy. Yes, it's just some sort of a 3D attraction, but those 3D glasses plus the moving chairs and all would make your brain fall into their trap. 

hahaha we were taking a photo of our shoes, then this happened hahahaha

This was one of the places I loved. Remembering all of the Disney Classics .. being in that time when all I ever cared about was skipping sleep in the afternoon, excited everyday of a new episode at Disney .. nostalgic ♥ - will forever be a Disney kid at heart ♥


Splash Mountain

I can equate this to Jungle Log Jam at Enchanted Kingdom. This was my tita's and cousin's favorite ride! 


My very first time to watch an Electrical Parade!! The first Disney parade I've watched was at Universal Studios, SG. But what we were able to watch there was a parade at daylight. Tokyo Disneyland's Electrical Parade was magical ♥ Playful lights + Nostalgic music = A Wonderful Night Parade! ♥♥


huhu perfect ♥♥♥

We were about to go home that time, but we noticed that lines from every attraction was gone. And so we went for our last ride here at Pirates of the Caribbean!!

Overall, assessing my day at Disneyland, they didn't really have that extreme rides that I was expecting, but what they left me was a nostalgic heart. Being reminded of the Disney Classics makes me want to be a child again. A 90's child who enjoyed going out with my friends, playing outdoor games with my cousins, waiting every night for the Disney movie, collecting Disney CDs, playing jumpstart, watching Magic English .. hihi okay enough, shared too much lol 

Ohh Disney, it's been a while since I felt that way. Thank you! ♥♥♥

Look at the photo at the upper left. I badly wanted to buy this souvenir! I have a Mickey version of this necklace from Disney Sea and now I found its pair! Minnie from Disneyland! Yay!!

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