Japan Day 13 - Mt. Mitake, Festival

Friday, December 18, 2015

My first time to climb a mountain! I was very excited since this was part of my bucket list! Here are a few adventures I've always wanted to try - On Land: Rock climbing, on Air: Sky Diving, on Water: Scuba Diving, and on Fire: think I'll still be thinking about that HAHA

It's no joke when you get into these things. The strength and endurance of your muscles (esp your leg muscles) are tested as you climb on inclined terrains.

I didn't know they had railways on mountain climbing areas like this. But I thought that maybe Mt Mitake was more of a tourist attraction rather than your actual mountain climbing site since I noticed that there were a lot of kids joining the climb.

Rest in peace tito kazu .. you've been such a great blessing to your family. We love you! 

They have mini museums and temples as part of the mountain attraction! 

Proud of these two! They were very tired as we went up. haha

Now I'll be sharing with you some of the little things I observed with the people of Japan :D

First is in their escalators. I noticed how disciplined the Japanese were. Those who are not in a hurry would stay on the left to give way to those who are, on the right.

Another is in their train stations. They form lines and do not crowd themselves up as they wait for the next train even without anyone telling them to do so. 

In their trains, one seat is for one person. They ain't trying hard to force themselves to have a seat with spaces left unoccupied.

They don't care if you're overdressed.

I talked to one Japanese who spoke English and she told me that most of the Japanese knew how to write and read English, but only a few can speak in English.

On trains again, I noticed most were using their gadgets, reading a book or sleeping. I was that one child who was observing them. lol

Here are some of my favorite snacks ♥ I wasn't able to take a picture of the others, buuut atleast I was able to take some lol

Now let's get back to Day 13! So on the afternoon, they took me to the festival at Akishima :D

I was able to try different street foods that time! hihi

Check out their bike parking stations!

One of the things I loved about Japan was how they maximize the use of bikes. They always have a place for bikes - parking space, bike lanes, even in their stairs sometimes. This was the bike I was using. It's my tita's. It had this rechargeable battery to power up the bike to help you in pedaling.

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