Hong Kong Day 1

(Wednesday, June 8, 2016)

Packing clothes, getting yourself busy in the airport, flying .. these things never failed to give me that traveller's excitement! ❤ Lately, I've been going to places in my beloved country. The plan is to fall deeper inlove with all its islands first, and the other countries would come next. But this doesn't mean I would refuse to go to other countries when given a chance.

Our trip at Hong Kong was a spontaneous one. We bought tickets 3 days before our flight. lol I used the remaining days before our flight on planning our itinerary. We would be staying there for 4 days and 4 nights (arrival at hk wednesday night and departure from hk sunday night) I read blogs and prioritized attractions. So what made it on top of my list are: Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 and The Peak. Sadly, I had quite a number of tries in trying to add Macau on our 4-day trip but the alotted days were just not enough. So I said to say to myself, Macau is a separate region from Hong Kong and our priority is to enjoy hk to the fullest. 

Missed quality time with the fam ❤ I considered myself as a docu and finance officer for our trip. I just love documenting things. As I've said from my previous blog posts, I'm into collecting all sort of things - travel, clothes, memories .. ❤ Valuing every minute given to me. Finding myself in a rain of blessings ❤

It was my first time to ride an airplane with this device haha sorry for being such a loser watched Kung Fu Panda 3 on our way to hk. I agree with what Master Shifu said "If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are." That is why .. discover, explore and always have a thirsty heart. ❤ Never stop.

And the royal Escobia family has now arrived .. :))

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