Hospital Dietetics Field Practice (Manila Travel)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hospital Dietetics Field Practice - my favorite phase! I had my HDFP at the Philipine General Hospital or PGH. I've heard alot from PGH. I once conversed with a newly graduated student of Radiology from UP Manila and he told me that PGH is the real MVP! Kidding aside hahahaha those diseases from text books that are known to have the tiniest probability of encounter can be found weekly at the said hospital *got my tail wiggling when he said that* From my nutri friends, the most common term used to describe PGH is "toxic". Others would fear spending their practicum at PGH. I don't know what's into me but as soon as I knew I would be having my practicum there, I was excited! I was interested in the knowledge I would gain through the experiences. I was curious of all the diseases I can encounter there. I had a different perspective. I believe life is what you see it. How you see things will matter. Will you see fear or an opportunity? Will you see the bad side or the good side? It's all a choice; all on you. You live your life.

Anyways, I learned alot from PGH. I was stretched to my limits. From our case studies done for a month to case studies done overnight. I remembered passing my first case study together with my friends Jam and Joie. That time, we were at Pediatric phase. I was delighted to know that the following day would be our day off and I could still go home even for a day to relax and destress. But to my surprise, our day off was actually not a day off. Because the submission of our first case study was on our day off sorry for the repeated use of the word 'day off' hahahaha so I stayed overnight at Jam and Joie's condo so we can help each other on our case studies (fyi we had different patients) So the deadline was 12pm and we had to work fast. By the time we finished, it was around 11:30 I think. Now given the fact that we only had 4 hours of sleep, no breakfast and shower, we were all sabaw hahaha we ran towards PGH; it was like a marathon! Jam was starting to have double vision and couldn't ran further so I got her case and went on with Joie. As we entered the Dietary Department, eyes were on us hahaha we went on with our mission and passed our case on time lol as we were about to go back, a senior dietitian called our attention because Joie and I were wearing shorts. She told us that on occasions that we would only be passing requirements, we should wear pants atleast. We apologized and went back. As we were walking, Joie was panicking thinking of what may happen to us because a senior dietitian called our attention; Jam was having double vision and I kept on laughing. HAHAHAHA I don't actually know why I was laughing, but instead of thinking alike with Joie, my thoughts were "this one's going to my special memories" hahahaha (photo above is my souvenir hahaha) I don't know if all of it was just a side effect of having no sleep, eat, and shower but we were like three idiots that time HAHAHA one kept on laughing (I almost died laughing coz there was a time I lost my breathe huhuhuhu it was a serious thing already, but after that I still can't stop laughing :((( ), one seeing double of everything and the other was panicking :))) it was really memorable! HAHAHA

I'm sorry for making this post so text-y! I don't usually write this much .. :)) it's just that I have so many stories to tell!! You can skip this section and proceed down to see my galas if you like HAHAHA so basically our daily tasks on PGH is nutritionally screening of 5 patients and another patient for our case. I'll be sharing to you some of the patients I've studied. One of the first that caught my attention was a child who fell from a 13-foot tall something (sorry I forgot what's that something hahaha) diagnosis was traumatic injury. While reading the chart, I was already visualizing the child in my head, somehow weak with minimal movement. But as I went to his bed, he was running. lol I made sure that was the patient whom I've read of the medical records by asking the parent .. and it was! haha another from the pediatrics section was a child who drank hydrochloric acid! Seriously huhuhu from Joie's patient from the trauma ward, she had one who had multiple gun shot! My case on the pedia had a hole in his heart! This was all new to me :(( To give you a picture of how I see it goes like this - I see places waiting to be discovered and explored is equivalent to diseases waiting to be discovered and cured. It's as if I have this commitment to solve and cure someone. That's how the attachment goes. 

At PGH, my classmates realized they would like to pursue being a nutritionist. I, on the other hand, knew that I really wanted to be a doctor. I'm not saying I don't want Nutrition, I love Nutrition! It's just that I have this thing to serve through knowledge in the medical field. I don't want to be limited to implementing nutritional interventions.. I want to do more; I want to learn more - especially in the medical field. 

*commercial break: love my groupmates ❤*

Yes, at first, PGH is gonna be tough. I had a period of adjustment of around 3-5 days. And from that day on, I knew our routine and found ways of making tasks easier. Comparing last sem from PGH, last sem was more toxic. Imagine: on weekends, we spend our time to complete our Foodservice exposure, on Mondays we would go to Liliw to collect data and from Tuesday to Friday - manuscript. We barely had time to study for our exams and do our very loooong handwritten exercises!! Having went through that sched, I was used to doing alot of things. Thus, I survived PGH with mini adventures! HAHAHA there would be times I had someone with me, but since all of us were busy, there were times I was the only one making adventures :)) started to enjoy solo travelling even more! Feel free to click on the links below to see the whole post :)

Manila Bay

Intramuros Day 1 : Puerto Real Gardens & Silahis Art & Artifacts

Another thing I enjoyed about this phase was frequent overnights with my classmates at Malate Adriatico Residences ❤ went to the gym, swimming, and enjoying the view at the view deck! hihi Thank you guys for adopting me! :))

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